How To Draw A Hoodie That Looks Cool

With this lesson, mastering how to draw a hoodie that appears cool can be achieved without difficulty. I will show you an easy approach to comic strips, the silhouette of the concern, and the way to add quality textures by using the simplest undeniable hues. Of course, creating different versions might be a lot easier once you draw this laugh piece of apparel.

Sketching fantastic clothes is crucial if you want to grow to be with realistic caricature characters. After all, clothes are the first things we see when reading and trying to recognize a topic. Moreover, it can inform you much about the person you’re about to interact with.

Adding Basic Shapes To Form A Template

First, it may be a very good idea to draw some basic shapes to shape a template so that it will be used to attract the silhouette. It is also a good moment to shine the posture and paintings at the proportions of the challenge. For example, you could begin sketching a head using a huge oval form. Subsequently, draw two massive rectangles to demonstrate the frame. Any other rectangle is delivered beneath the head to form the neck. Finally, the hood of the hoodie is represented using a thin shape.

Sketching The Silhouette Using Thin Lines

Now that a few shapes were introduced to help us draw the concern, you could work at the silhouette of the cartoon hoodie using mainly curved traces. Begin by removing the pinnacle and the ears, as shown in the picture beneath. Then, create the hood with the usage of straighter strains. Entire this step via sketching the silhouette of the hoodie itself and the use of different curved songs.

Adding More Details To The Drawing

On the hoodie, you can add drawstrings using long, irregular traces. You may add a few strains at the hood to create more depth. On the bottom of the item, you could add a huge kangaroo pocket for the use of extra songs. Small stripes are sketched on each end. A similar sample is delivered at the top of each sleeve.

Sketching Folds

We will start sprucing the hoodie by adding more strains to create folds. If you need to discover ways to draw a hoodie that looks a touch bit realistic, those additions are vital. You could see under that some strains have been added at the hood, the sleeves, the kangaroo pocket, and near the drawstrings.

Working With Colors

Including colorations is also an awesome concept if you want to create an attractive version of this piece of clothing. For this detailed lesson, the item is colored in blue. The top, a part of the hood, the kangaroo pocket stripes, and the sleeves’ lowest part can all be darker. The drawstrings are white.

Drawing More Shapes To Form Cool Shadows

In the next step on the way to draw a hoodie, we will upload greater shapes to create diffused shadows. Those new elements will create extra intensity and extent interior this instance. Again, the best undeniable colors are used to make those new additions. You may draw laugh shadows on the left side of the top and the neck. This is because different diffused shapes are drawn all over the issue. That light supply is located on the pinnacle (close to the right of the image), and the cartoon all shadows for this reason.

Adding Softer Shapes

You can draw more subtle shapes in the hoodie to create greater shadows. All factors introduced in this step are filled with a brighter shade than in the preceding step. A few round shapes also are delivered to create an extra thrilling pattern.


Now that this lesson on the way to drawing a hoodie is finished, you may attempt more classes from this series. Gaining knowledge to caricature accurate frame components and clothes is important in case you need to create relevant characters in your work. So laugh and preserve practicing as much as feasible.

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