Tips for Making a Good Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15 

This text is a full assessment of the Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15 through a discussion board consumer named Kretschmer. It consists of pictures, guidelines, and comparisons. This post is subsidized using DVwarehouse, where you can buy refurbished/used computer merchandise for extremely reasonable fees. See the tremendous expenses for refurbished apple laptop computers on their website. Buying DVWarehouse laptop products helps help us at Techreport!

Aesthetics and Build Quality

This notebook gives a pleasant first effect. It’s far clad in darkish silver metal, with a subdued “Lenovo” etched at the top right of the lid. Coloring and fabric are mirrored on the bottom of the unit, freed from ugly stickers for the mandatory Microsoft badge. A thin layer of steel protects the top floor as opposed to the thick steel plate of the XPS line, and it may bend a bit if opposing forces are placed at the right and left edges of the display screen.

I would name this “Tier 1.Five” construct super: higher than many laptops but not as rugged as an XPS thirteen or as fantastic as the floor book 2. I was comfortable slinging my XPS 13 around in a backpack complete with textbooks, even as the Lenovo 720S might be extra secure with a reader of novels.

Form Factor of the Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15

At zero.70 (17.95mm) and 4.18 lbs, this computer is lighter than Dell’s XPS 15 line and comfortable to hold or bypass with one hand. Bezels are slender, and the camera is in which it ought to be – above the liquid crystal show. Logging in is a breeze with a not easily seen fingerprint reader.

Ports and Connections

A pc is satisfactory as useful as the range of tactics you may bridge it to the outside international. This is one location where the 720S 15 calls for compromise because of restraining the port to 1xTB3 (2 lanes), three.5mm Headset, 1xUSB C, 1xUSB A, and SD Card. If you’re like me and use a Logitech mouse adapter, any similarly USB A peripherals could require an adventure to dingle town, like any form of video out. There may be no lock hole for individuals who work in shared areas.

Screen and Speakers

The screen on this pc is quite satisfactory, even at forty% brightness with battery saver mode (my default settings in the past). Viewing angles are notable, and shades seem colorful. There had been reports of excessive backlight bleeding on the FHD model. However, my pc is cheap in that branch. This show runs at 60hz with no apparent ghosting problems. The speakers are on the laptop’s lowest front and ideal. They are silent on a quilt or other enveloping surface.

Battery Life of the Lenovo Ideapad 720s-15

Fan noise is cheap. At the same time, as the fan seems to be audibly walking constantly, it’s far quieter underneath gaming load than the discrete photo laptops I’ve used. This could be due to the MaxQ design or the 15.6″ shape issue. This computer does throttle below load at stock settings. As you can see underneath, running Doom 2016 at excessive locations with the inventory voltage curve finally reasons the GPU to throttle. Frustratingly, it throttles from ~1,680MHz to ~1,150MHz and remains there rather than dynamically deciding on a middle floor.


The Lenovo Ideapad 720S-15 is a fulfilling all-rounder laptop for the ones of us who want to paint and play at the identical tool without breaking the financial institution. With the gaming chops of yesteryear’s desktop replacements, you get the expert aesthetics and battery life of nowadays’s thin-and-lights. This layout’s meaty battery lifestyle and desirable thermals (submit-undervolting)stand out in a sea of mistaken services. You’ll need to buy this laptop with a coupon or sale. At the finish of the day, this is an outstanding hybrid-cause pc for the geek inclined to tweak some voltages.

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