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Gpo Map is the net seafaring Roblox recreation stimulated via the one Piece anime and manga series. GPO gives gamers unfastened reign to explore a surprise-stuffed Waterworld that has to be very familiar to people who observe the adventures of Luffy and his ragtag group.

Cruising the high seas is a lot extra a laugh while you know where you’re going! This manual will show you the GPO map, including full maps of both sea regions. Knowing which all the islands are will let you set a clear vacation spot and travel with purpose.

Grand Piece Online maps

The overworld of Grand Piece online is separated into predominant regions: the primary Sea (moreover known as the ocean of Phoeyu) and the second Sea (or the modern-day global). Under, you’ll find out maps for every location, a complete listing of their islands, the endorsed level you must be at while journeying them, and what objects you may discover there.

Grand Piece Online Map Starting Locations

The Grand Piece online Map features many exclusive islands and cities. Players can explore these areas to find quests, objects, and greater.

  • Metropolis of Beginnings (any degree) – Purchaseables >> Cannon Balls, Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle, Rowboat, Caravel, Den Den Mushi, Potions, wooden Planks, Hammer – Drops >> Bandit Boss, Eye Patch (50%).
  • Marine castle F-1 (any degree) – Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> None.

GPO Land of the Sky Map Locations

  • Malcom’s Lair (stage one hundred forty five) : Purchaseables >> None – Drops > Malcom, Shotgun (5%)
  • The Tree (degree one hundred twenty-five): Purchaseables >> skypiean glide ability – Drops >> Bruno, Burn Bazooka (five%)
  • Sky metropolis District 1 (any degree) : Purchaseables >> Potions – Drops >> None
  • Sky castle (degree 111): Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> Head mother or father, mother or father’s Helmet (five%), Skyblue Katana (five%)
  • Sky metropolis District 3 (level a hundred thirty five) : Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> None
  • Golden metropolis (degree a hundred and fifty-five) : Purchaseables >> Kenbunshoku Haki – Drops >> Enel, Golden staff (five%), Tomoe Drums (1%)
  • Sky metropolis District 2 (stage 105) : Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> None
  • Heaven’s Gate (any level) : Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> None
  • Sky Colosseum (any degree) : Purchaseables >> Potions – Drops >> None

Grand Piece Online Map Second Sea Location

  • Winter Wonderland (stage – 350) – Purchaseables >> eternal Pose – Drops > gift of protecting / pageant defend, present of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit, gift of Tall Hat / Tall Elf Hat, gift of Horns / Reindeer Horns, gift of Rudolph / Rudolph’s Hat, gift of Beard / Santa’s Beard, the talent of Armor / Bell Armor, present of headband / Peppermint headscarf, gift of Tree/competition Tree Hat, present of Lancer/pageant Lancer.
  • Colosseum of Arc – Any degree
  • Desolate tract country (stage – 325) – Purchaseables >> everlasting Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo meals – Drops > nation shield Outfit, Cho’s Crown, Crab Cutlass, Pharaoh Akshan’s Cape, Golden Hook.
  • Spirit Island (Any – level) – Purchaseables >> Busoshoku V2
  • Difficult Waters (stage – 325) – Drops >> Sea Serpent Kraken
  • Sashi Island (class – 325) – Purchaseables >> 2 Sword fashion – Drops > Musashi’s Hat, Musashi’s Rose Katana, Musashi’s purple Katana, Musashi’s Karuta

GPO Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations

  • Zou (stage 30) – Purchaseables >> Mink fight (electric powered combating style) – Drops >> Zou inhabitants, Carrot (50%)
  • Fishman Colosseum (any degree) – Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> None
  • Neptune’s Throne (degree 230) – Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> Neptune, Neptune’s Trident (1%), Neptune’s Crown(five%)
  • Kori Island (stage 80) – Purchaseables >> Busoshoku Haki – Drops >> None
  • Elo’s Island (level 260) – Purchaseables >> None – Drops >> Elo the Bunny. Elo’s Hammer (five%), Hoodie (5%-25%), Rainbow Halo (five%), marvel Balloons (5%), famous person sunglasses (5%), Mini Bunny (5%)


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